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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Much of our work involves helping people who have been injured through no fault of their own. For many people this is their first experience dealing with a claims adjuster or the confusing world of liability, insurance coverage, no fault coverages, subrogation interests and medical liens, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorists. It's not our first time, we work with these problems and situations every day.

Distracted/Drunk Driving

Some of our most interesting and challenging cases involve accidents caused by cell phones, text messaging, and impaired drivers. This is a rapidly growing area of the law, and we expect to see an explosion of text messaging and smart phone caused accidents in the years to come. Drunk and impaired drivers are far too numerous on our highways, and they injure and kill many innocent people. We are committed to making our highways safer and representing the victims of these unsafe practices.

Automobile Accidents

We have had years of experience dealing with the many issues that arise when you are involved in an accident that isn't your fault. Insurance companies are fighting against fair compensation harder every day. We have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through the difficult times that always follow a serious injury of this kind.

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

South Carolina has some interesting and unusual rules that affect your right to compensation if you are injured by someone else's animal. Dog bites and animal attacks can cause serious mental and physical trauma and scarring. We know the rules, and we will work hard to make sure that you get the fair compensation you are entitled to.

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